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What we say to our elder gods

Comic #166

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Uploaded by darwin6 at 22:51 on 12 January



Posted 22:46
Wed 18 April
by darwin6

So, I'm going to be switching the comics over from jpeg files to png files. Why? Well, first, it seems that I can get comparable screen resolution with a smaller file using png. So, that should help with loading speeds. Second, there is something weird that has been happening when people post the comics elsewhere. On tumblr, everything black is white. So, for a black-and-white comic, that makes everything white. A couple of times on wordpress, images have come out photo-negatived. I don't have even the faintest clue what is going on in either case, but png seems to work right on tumblr, so, well, I'm doing that. If anyone out there has any ideas about why the jpegs are misbehaving, shoot me a note. I'd love to know. In the meantime, I'll be swapping out comics starting with the most recent ones and working backwards. Should be done by the weekend.

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